Why Centralize Health System Foodservice Operations?

Your foodservice operation is at the center of your healthcare organization. It’s an integral part of each hospital’s ecosystem, serving a diverse customer base of patients, employees, physicians, guests, visitors, and more.

As health systems continue to grow, the challenges of safely feeding patients and providing a positive hospital experience grow as well.

Now, with the ongoing supply chain disruptions and labor shortages, it’s more important than ever to gain centralized control using a technology solution designed for enterprise-level management of foodservice in a health system.

NetMenu offers complete end-to-end foodservice management, helping you create a seamless, connected experience throughout your network of locations. With NetMenu, you can: 

  • Strengthen your financial performance
  • Ensure patient safety
  • Streamline operations and workflows
  • Gain a holistic leadership view
  • Meet nutrition needs across the continuum of care

Every facility in your health system is a member of your team. Reinforce that sense of community by connecting them all with one cloud-based, cohesive food and nutrition system: NetMenu.

Ready to learn more? Read our blog on the benefits of using an enterprise system, the features to look for, and why you need them.

And, watch the recording of our webinar, Discover the Benefits of Centralization in Healthcare Foodservice. You can access the full recording or watch some highlight videos to catch the main points with no forms to fill out, just quick and easy viewing. 

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