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WHITE PAPER: Healthcare Foodservice: The Need for Connected Systems

Healthcare organizations today
face a variety of challenges,
but to a great extent, these boil
down to two basic imperatives: cost
control and patient experience.

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Need for Connected Systems

BLOG: Foodservice and Technology: The Key to Increased Revenue

4 out of 10 foodservice decision-makers believe that their future success depends “to a large extent” on creating new foodservice revenue streams, according to recent CBORD Insights research.


BLOG: Connecting with Staff Satisfaction

In a recent CBORD Insights survey, 46% of respondents said they were only somewhat or not at all satisfied with the progress they’ve made attracting and retaining staff.  

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BLOG: Getting Room Service Right

Today, many hospitals are interested in providing patients, guests, and staff with more dining options and choices. On-demand room service is a particular area of focus based on popular demand.


BLOG: Financial Impacts of Strategic Automation

Automation is key to overcoming current market pressures, yet not just any automation will do. Learn why strategic, enterprise automation offers significant advantages.

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VIDEOS: 2023 Top Trends Webinar Highlights

Watch the highlight clips of our recent research-based webinar. No forms to fill out, just quick and easy viewing. Catch the key points in minutes instead of a full hour.

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WHITE PAPER: Top 6 Challenges in Healthcare Foodservice

Discover which market pressures are creating the most pain points for your peers and how automation is equipping them to overcome the ongoing challenges.

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WEBINAR: 2023 Top Trends in Healthcare Foodservice Automation

View the on-demand recording of our research-based webinar and learn how your peers are leveraging automation to reduce costs and improve the hospital experience.

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HC-staffing-shortages-chart-lm-2022BLOG: Impacts of Staffing Shortages in Healthcare

Explore the impacts of ongoing labor shortages on healthcare food and nutrition services. Learn how automation is helping staff work more efficiently, with less burnout, so patients can get services they need.

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E-BOOK: Drive Excellence Across Your Health System with Centralized Foodservice

Find out how of a centralized approach helps you leverage purchasing power, optimize resource allocation, open additional revenue streams, and inform strategic planning.

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Drive Excellence in Healthcare Foodservice E-Book

BLOG: Surviving Shortages: Using Technology to Deliver More with Less 

Follow a nurse through a day in his life on a connected hospital campus. Discover how automation is streamlining foodservice, reducing his workload, and improving the patient experience.

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HC-supply-chain-chart-lm-2022BLOG: Working Smarter to Manage Shortages and Inflation in Healthcare Foodservice

Follow a director of dining services as she works to overcome supply chain shortages and inflation. Discover how automation is streamlining healthcare foodservice operations without impacting patient experience. 

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BLOG: In Healthcare Foodservice, Automation Pays Off

Learn how a hospital system CFO is managing costs with automation in the face of shortages, inflation and rising service expectations. 

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WEBINAR: Discover the Benefits of Centralization in Healthcare Foodservice  

As health systems continue to grow, the challenges of operating efficiently grow as well. It’s more important than ever to gain centralized control using a technology solution designed for enterprise-level management.

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Provide a Seamless Health System Experience

The value of a seamless experience is in the synergies it creates, and the service levels it enables — not to mention the control levers and revenue streams it affords leadership. Contact us today and let's build a vision and business case you can sell!

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