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WHITE PAPER: Top 6 Campus Challenges Higher Ed Is Facing

Higher Ed White Paper

Access our new white paper to learn which pain points your peers are facing right now and how automation can mitigate those and create a connected campus experience for students and staff.


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WEBINAR: Top Trends in Campus Automation

Watch the on-demand recording of our research-based webinar, 2023 Top Trends in Campus Automation, and learn how automation addresses today’s major pain points. 

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CBORD blog post chartBLOG: Easing the Impact of Labor Shortages

Explore the impacts of ongoing labor shortages on campus services from security to food operations. Learn what your students expect, your staff needs, and how automation can mitigate the pain points or even create new revenue streams!

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E-BOOK: The Connected Campus

Have you future-proofed your campus card program? Create a dynamic and engaging campus environment and attract top-performing students.

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BLOG: Life on a Connected Campus 

Follow a student through a day in her life on a connected campus. Discover how automation is streamlining foodservice, access, and security operations while improving the student experience.

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higher ed inflationBLOG: Working Smarter to Manage Shortages and Inflation in Higher Education Foodservice

Follow a director of dining services as he works to overcome supply chain shortages and inflation. Discover how automation is streamlining higher education foodservice operations without impacting student experience.

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BLOG: In Higher Ed, Automation Pays Off

Learn how a college CFO is managing costs with automation in the face of shortages, inflation, and rising student expectations.

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WEBINAR: Keyless Student Housing? Not Just for Large Campuses!  

Learn more about how to implement keyless access in residence halls. This interactive session will feature two campuses that have real-time experience going keyless.

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