CBORD Data Analytics

How can you use CBORD Data Analytics to drive operational efficiencies?

CBORD's Data Analytics tool helps you analyze and identify areas of improvement, generate more revenue, reduce expense, and even increase customer and employee satisfaction. 

Visual Depiction of Data


Know your current state

Graphs and charts provide you with powerful financial and operational data at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

Take Your Time Back


Empower agile decision-making

Reduce time accessing data from multiple systems to drastically cut down the time it takes to collect and access that data. And all in real time.

Transform Your Business


Analyze trends over time

Discover areas of improvement, manage tray costs, and reduce duplicate trays to minimize waste issues giving you powerful insights to manage your operation.

Present Your Data Like Never Before

See how CBORD Data Analytics can take your existing CBORD system data and turn it into powerful visuals. 

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Device responsive Data Analytics

Transform Your Operation

CBORD Data Analytics on Mac Desktop
CBORD Data Analytics on Mobile Devices
CBORD Analytics Displayed on Laptop

Pinpoint price trends, identifying increases to quickly make changes to reduce overall costs.

Data Analysis: Often Overlooked, Always Vital

Have you embraced business data analytics to improve decision-making, make better predictions, monitor performance, and gain a competitive advantage? According to Gartner, 87% of companies have low BI (business intelligence) and analytics maturity, lacking data guidance and support. 

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